Pbs & Asi

PBS Brake & Supply Co.
6044 Corporate Dr
East Syracuse, New York
FAX 1-315-463-1017

ASI Truck Parts, Inc
1201 Broadway
Albany, New York
FAX 1-518-396-3407

Since 1970 we have been serving our customers with quality, service, and professionalism.

In the late 80s, with almost 20 years of brake relining and bonding experience, PBS made a major commitment and investment in the most updated equipment for the brake reline and bonding shop.

In 1995, to improve its accessibility, ASI Truck Parts was opened in Albany, NY.

Today PBS and ASI are two of the major suppliers of heavy duty and truck parts in upstate New York, as well as one of the largest suppliers of custom brake work for mines, industrial, construction, and mills on the east coast. We carry a full line of top quality aftermarket parts and equipment for any size fleet.

We have brake shoes in stock that CANNOT be found anywhere else!